WILLAM CITY A5 1973 microcar

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WILLAM   CITY   A5  1973

The Lawil S.p.A. is a former Italian automobile manufacturer that began production in 1967. Lawil was located in Pavia, Lombardia. Lawil S.p.A. was a part of the French Lambretta and the Italian Innocenti.

Composition of the brand name: Henri Willame (Director of the French Lambretta) + Carlo Lavezzari (Designer) = LAvezzari + WILlame

Following models were available:[1]

Lawil Farmer (S1) 123cc (1968-1971, F) / Lawil Varzina (S3) 250cc (1970 - 1980, ITA)

Lawil Farmer II 125cc (1975-1980, F)

Lawil Berlina (S4) 250cc (ITA) / Willam City (A1 to A3) 123cc and 175cc (1967-1971, F) / Willam City (A4 and A5) 125cc (1971-1980, F)

Lawil Pick-Up (C1) 123cc (until 1977, F)

Lawil Fourgonnette (C2) 125cc (1968-1988, only saled in F)

Lawil Break (C4) 125cc



This car is a 1973  type City A5

125cc    1 cilinder,   3 speed gearbox

electric starter,   topspeed: 70 Km/h

320 Kg

lenght: 2050 mm

width: 1280 mm

VIN: 4253

French documents + Belgian importdocument 705

Older restoration,

Dry storage for 10 years  in microcar-museum

collector car

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